This post is about an extension of Prolog which makes it a more useful and user-friendly logic programming language.
Formal logics are axiomatic systems that formalise inference. Let’s look at what higher-order logic is and how it can be worked with.
Parsing reveals the syntactic structure of a sentence. Abduction is inference to the best explanation. We show in this post that context-free parsing is a special case of abductive reasoning.
Automated planning is the task of finding a plan to achieve a goal given some prerequisites. Planning problems can be cast in terms of abductive theories which allows us to use an abductive prover to find the best plan.
Effectively propositional abductive problems can be cast in terms of satisfiability. This post shows when it's possible and how to do it.
This post describes formal logic embedded in formal logic. It sounds really weird but a simple example will illustrate why it might be useful.